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Fall for Dazzling Skin

As we move into the fall season and kiss summer behind, we should consider getting our skin into better condition and prepare it for the Holiday Season. I feel we all can agree summer is a fantastic season.filled with a significant

amount of out door activities. Being outside more our skin is exposed to more UVA/ UVB rays, pollution, and

even a decrease in our skincare rituals as a result of an increase in activities. How do we reverse any adverse side effects from summer's outdoor fun? Easy! By improving and committing to a new skincare regimen, receiving a series of chemical peels, and learning more about basic nutrition.

If you are not on a routine skincare regimen now is the time to start. A couple of factors to consider is your current age, how much time you want to spend on your skincare, and how much money your want to allocate to it. From there find yourself a Licensed Esthetician who is enthusiastic and eager to take the time to talk to you about various products, how to correctly use them, and ways to purchase them that fit your finances.

From my perspective after summer is a great time to receive a series of chemical peels for a variety of reasons. First, they remove excessive dead skin cells that make our complexions dull and lifeless. Second they promote better product penetration.. By removing excess dead skin cells, products can penetrate better with improved results. These results can range anywhere from reducing fine lines and wrinkles, decreasing pore size, and promoting an even skin tone.

Finally, now is the time to start to prepare for the Holiday Season. We are three months away from holiday festivities. In my 10+ years of experience as an esthetician I have worked with individuals who want a significant amount of improvement in their complexions overnight. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Put some time, love, and enthusiasm into your routine today!

The last point I went to bring light to is our meal planning. From my experience in the healthcare industry, nurses, doctors and dietitians have not done the best job of making meal planning fun and simple. The first step I would recommend is know how to read your food labels. The second step is be aware of your BMI and how it impacts your health and skin. Again, now if the time to bring this to awareness and light in your life especially with the Holiday Season right around the corner. Please see the hyperlinks below for some guidelines to label reading. Feel free to contact me for further guidance on a customized skincare regimen and/or meal planning guidance!

Best of Everything!



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