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Inspirational Mobile Skincare Services Come to You!

Inspirational Signature Facial 
Is customized to meet the needs of your skin.  The facial begins with a double cleanse process to remove impurities that dull skin and clog the pores.  It continues with a deep pore cleansing enzymatic mask to remove dead skin cells and decrease fine lines and wrinkles.  The next step is a customized mask to meet the needs of your skin.  While your mask is performing its duties, you will receive a relaxing shoulder and scalp massage.  After, a customized exfoliant will be applied to further enhance the health of your skin.  Serums, moisturizers, and, sunscreen are the finishing touches to promote a healthy, vibrant, complexion.  The facial includes use of an ultrasonic cleansing device, facial globes, warm soothing towels, and advanced massage techniques throughout the treatment           
50 minutes  $150.00 at your home or office location
50 minutes from my office space contact me for pricing
10 minutes of additional face, scalp, or hand-arm massage $15.00

Add On Services
Performance serums rich in peptides and nutrients are included in all microcurrent treatments for optimal results and fresh looking skin.
Non-surgical Face Lift
NuFace professional device is used to stimulate and contract muscles below the skin  level.  It is  like pilates for the face!  Face has fresh, natural, lifted look.  $15.

Non-surgical Neck Lift
NuFace professional device is used to tighten, lift, and tone the neck area for an elegant contoured appearance. $15.
For Your Eyes Only
NuFace professional eye device stimulates circulation, tones the eye contour, decreases dark circles and bags. $15.
Manual removal of comedones and excess sebaceous filaments. $10.

Superior and gentle method of exfoliation that removes dead skin cell and fine vellus hair, “peach fuzz”.  Skin is radiant, facial contour is enhanced, serums and moisturizer absorption are boosted. $45.

PCA Self-Neutralizing Chemical Peels 
Sensi Peel    $20.00 
Ultra Peel I  $20.00
Bright & Even Peel  $20.00

Two Peels   $35.00

Spa Parties
Perfect for bridal parties, birthdays, girl’s night out, and other get togethers.  The event can include The Inspirational Signature Facial, add on services, a yoga class, or various health promotion classes.  $125/hr.

Virtual Skincare Consultation DIY Home Facials
Need expert advice on skincare regimens? Eager to understand how to use various products with correct application? Have a desire to keep the results of professional skincare treatments in between sessions? Develop a solid understanding of various products, home devices, and application modalities to maintain a healthy, vibrant complexion your life’s journey! Receive new knowledge on how to successfully perform your own facials. This would include what types of cleansers to use, various exfoliation techniques, customized masks, steam options, serums, hydrators, and eye care. Several mechanical devices will also be reviewed that increase product absorption, enhance the deep cleanse process, minimize fine lines, tone, and firm the skin. Finally, massage and application techniques will be reviewed to promote absorption, circulation and the health of your skin.
 $2.00 per minute.  This does not include complimentary consultations specific to Beauty Counter purchases.
Consulting Services & Guest Speaker
This includes and is not limited to spas, doctor’s offices, individual practitioners, corporations, events, teaching facilities, lunch & dinner events. 
Customized Skincare Products for Purchase
Need some guidance on what products are right for you. Schedule a complimentary discovery call so I can assist you.
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