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20's and Beyond...Looking your Best!

Who doesn't want to look their best at any age as we promenade down our life's journey. I sure do! Here are five sure fire things to do that will take years off your face.

1. Toss the powders and bronzers. Instead go for sunscreen adding a pea size of your favorite liquid foundation to the face, neck, and upper chest region.

2. Take care of your hair! It is an extension of your face. Let your hair air dry as much as possible doing small touch ups with a iron only where needed. Do use a moisturizing mask every 1 to 2 weeks dependng on your hair type and time of the year. Get cuts and color on a regular basis. Never know when you might have an important unexpected business meeting or

run into that perfect man that might turn into a perfect first date! ; )

3. Get facials on a regular basis. Monthly is perfect with the minimum being on a seasonal basis. Cleanse and moisturize 2 times a day, don't skip on regular exfoliation.

4. Lifestyle! Healthy eating, appropriate amount of sleep, and effective exercise are a must! Check out the Mediterranean Pyramid Diet. Cut back on foods with preservatives, avoid hard alcohol. Take a Daley Method Class Today!

5. Don't smoke!

Best of Everything!

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