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March Spring Clean Celebration & Let The Sunshine In!



As we hop into spring season of 2024, now is a fantastic time to spring clean both your skincare products and stock up on sun protection care (SPF).  It is a good rule of thumb to throw away all skincare and beauty products one year after they have been opened.  This is to prevent any infections due to potential bacterial growth and maintain the efficacy of the product.  Performing this task at the same time of the year helps to develop good habits that keep you at your best!  Besides keeping health & beauty products up to date, it is good  to be aware of the chemical contents of a product before you even open it up and use it.  This especially holds true if you have sensitive skin, allergies, or puffy eyes related to allergies.  If a product contains harmful chemicals it can cause more damage than good.  It can potentially cause inflammation in the skin with cellular destruction, allergies, or more.  From my professional perspective as a seasoned RN and licensed esthetician it is better to invest in clean, quality products for the face and body for health reasons and desired results.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body.  We are applying considerable amounts of products that are all absorbed into the body.  Be mindful of what you are using!  A  simple, reliable way to find out how your products rate is going to the Environmental Working Group website (EWG) to access this information.  Please see their websiste below and follow the navigational directions below the link.  At the end of the email I have three recommendations for SPF protection.  Most of us will be outdoors even more in the summer with sunshine get aways, sports activities, and other festivities.  Take care of your skin and it will take care of you. As a special gift from me to you, any Beauty Counter sun protection purchases from me in March will receive one gifted virtual yoga class.  Class time is 10:30 EDT on Wednesdays.  One class per person which expires after thirty days of your product purchase.  

EWG website

Look at the top, right side of the green toolbar, click on SKIN DEEP DATA BASE.  From there do a search on various products to see how they rate.  One is the best, ten is substandard. 

I am beyond delighted to be part of The Beauty Counter community of consultants!  If you would like to learn more about how this line can benefit you and your current skincare regimen I welcome further conversations.  Part of my services include complimentary skin consultations from a licensed professional who loves educating and transforming people to achieve skincare results exceeding their expectations!   Click on the link below to schedule your courtesy discovery call.  I would enjoy being of further assistance! 

Best of Everything!

Geraldine BSN, RN, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Aromatherapist

Recommended SPF Products:

1.  Superior coverage for face, neck, and decollete.   Easily absorbs, not greasy or sticky!  

2.  This is excellent for travel and outdoor events.  Provides SPR protection, hydrates, and moisturizes!

3.  Quick and easy to use.  It is a spray application, so I would not recommend it for asthmatics or individuals with respiratory conditions. 


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