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Skincare for your feet

Taking good care of our skin does not end with our feet. It is equally important that you provide them some loving care too! Two of the biggest mistakes people make with foot care is over exfoliating and not enough hydration.

Just a gentle reminder, whenever exfoliation is performed it increases skin cells to the outer layer surface. So, it promotes increased cellular growth and thickening. For our face that is desirable. For our feet it increases calluses if done too often. It is best to do a gentle exfoliation once a week with a foot file or pumice. If you are diabetic consult with your primary care provider prior to find out if this is appropriate for you.

Hydration is essential and can significantly cutback on dry, callused feet. I love, CALA moisturizing foot masks.

They can be purchased on Amazon. After showering in the evening I put my feet into them, place on socks, gather the the extra mask sheet together, twist, and tuck it into my socks. I wear them overnight, thoroughly rub the serum into my feet the next day, and give my feet time to air dry and absorb all the hydration. I find there is usually enough serum to use the mask again in the following evening as an extra boost. If your feet are extremely dry do this treatment two times in one week. If your response is good then cut back to once a week. I recommend exfoliating prior to your foot mask.

To maintain your feet between weekly mask treatments I love, love, love, Everyone Nourishing Lotion. A little goes a long way. Product in the amount of three grapes should be good to cover your entire body and feet. Apply after showering and facial care. Rub and warm the lotion in the entire palms of your hands. Pat once on the arms,

stomach, back, legs, and top of feet. Then rub in good and allow the product to absorb before putting on clothes.

Hope this information helps you as we head into the fall-winter months.

Best of everything!



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