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Goodbye Summer…Hello Fall! Tips for Seasonal Changes in Skincare

As we journey from fall into summer we need to alter our skincare regimen to maintain a dewey appearance. There are environmental factors that stress the skin resulting in increased dryness, redness, and irritation. There are also solutions to combat these stressors to maintain a healthy, vibrant complexion.

Environmental factors that are the biggest culprits to drying skin include colder outdoor temperatures, warmer indoor temperatures, and overall drier air conditions. Pair this with gusty winds and skin dehydration is further potentiated. We cannot change our environment. However we can change our skincare regimens to battle back against the climate and win back our dewey skin.

The first thing I encourage clients to do is pay attention to how much exfoliation they are doing. We have more accumulation of dead skin in fall and winter seasons. Exfoliation helps to get rid of excess dead skin cells faster. My experience with clients that exfoliate more often in winter is that they have less dead skin cell accumulation, moisturizer performs better, and their skin appearance is more radiant. Tri-active Exfoliant by IS Clinical and Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner by Aveda are delightful.

The second modification we can do is changing our moisturizer or adding a serum. Using a richer moisturizer during fall and winter can be beneficial. I would recommend using it in the evening first. If you are getting good results stop there. If you are still dry try morning and evening. Still feeling parched? Try adding a serum prior to moisturizing. First try one time a day, increasing to twice a day if needed. Moisturizers I like are Sotys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream and Sotys Hydradvance Hydrating Comforting Cream. As for serums, I love Hydra-cool Serum by IS Clinical and Rejuvenating Serum by PCA.

Finally small changes that can result in big differences. The easiest is placing moisturizers and serums on your skin immediately after cleansing while your skin is still moist for better absorption. Adding a humidifier to dry rooms is also a good strategy. Avoiding excess alcohol, drinking plenty of water, eating nutrient dense foods, exercising, and adequate sleep promote skin health during all seasons.

Wishing you a Happy Harvest Season,

Best of Everything!


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