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To Juice or Not to Juice...That is the Question.

The popularity of juicing is on the rise. However, is it a good thing? In my professional opinion, absolutely yes! Juicing provides many essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for a healthy body and vibrant skin. Juices also provide enzymes which help in the digestion process and the excretion of wastes at a cellular level. The one thing that juices lack is fiber. So limit your intake to one or two glasses spread out through the day, Indianapolis nutrition expert Megan McDermett RD loves that juices provide nutrients and vitamins from a variety of vegetables and fruits. Some of these fruits and vegetables might not be a normal staple for a person such as celery, beets, and cilantro. I personally love a 10 ounce glass of fresh squeezed vegetable juice and 12 raw almonds after a vigorous workout to promote hydration, nutrition, and boost my energy level. Happy juicing!

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