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Run don't walk for this beauty device!

Greetings fellow beauty and health care fanatics!

As we kiss 2015 bye bye and greet 2016 with open arms I want to encourage an open arm embrace to Luna by Foreo! A must have for anyone who desires a healthier, clearer, brighter complexion!

Luna is a hand held device that provides deep pore cleansing by ultrasonic waves, "gentle exfoliation" and enhanced product penetration. My experience with this devce after two weeks....amazing! My skin was brighter, clearer, and most of all firmer!

One side cleanses the other side promotes product penetration. The important thing to remeber is let the machine do the work Avoid pressing the machine into your skin. It is set for fifteen seconds in four various regions of the face. You don't need a clock! The machine will automatically pause when the fifteen seconds is up so you can move on. Insiders tip~I also used it on my neck and decolletage area. Immediately I noticed an improvement wth hydration and tone. When you are finished with cleansing the other side works on a lower frequecy and is used to promote product penetration by ultrasonic massage stimulation. Nice! I loved how my skin reacted to the device, especially the increase in firmness and clarity.

Other great points, it can maintain a charge well over a month making travel easy! It works with all cleansing products.

The Foreo is easy to clean. Rinse the device under warm running water after each use and spray a 80% alcohol on the device every two to three days. For more information I recommend going to the company's website

Happy Cleansing!


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