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Align, Pulse, and Move Big with Barre 3!

I feel that Barre 3 just might have perfected the Barre Class for the optimal, safe, efficient workout for everyone. Participants start off by finding their alignment through the mind-body connection. Next, they take muscles to fatigue by doing small repetitive movements that will cause the muscle to shake and recruit core muscles for stabilization. Finally the muscles are put through big, dynamic, full range of motion to increase the heart rate and help to flush out any lactic acid from the small movements. The results, a toned, healthy, pain free body with a

graceful, elongated posture. These classes can be found on line as well as various locations in the US. My suggestion..try a class with Kimberly Miller in downtown Austin, Texas. Kimberly has a great eye for alignment along with a positive spirit that is contagious! The studio is bright, impeccably clean, and inviting. This is not an option in life. It is a necessity!

Best of Everything!


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